Focussing on the railway

PMC Rail International Academy is fully committed to the railway system. This commitment is an integral part of our identity. Our aim is to strengthen the railway sustainably and to contribute to its positive development with our offer. We want our knowledge to help optimise the success of the railway system and our customers.

Knowledge independent of the manufacturer

Today, major parts of the railway-specific expertise are exclusively held by the manufacturers. This makes it more difficult to obtain objective content that is independent of the manufacturer. The great variety of information providers makes it difficult to keep an overview. 

Given this situation, PMC Rail International Academy provides an entirely new alternative. Since 1st January 2017, we have been offering an instruction and further training programme that is independent of the manufacturer. In the mid-term, it will cover all activities required for the operation and maintenance of rail infrastructure.

Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Training - ideally balanced

The operation and maintenance of railway infrastructure involves many tasks requiring solid theoretical knowledge to be carried out professionally, effectively and timely. At the same time, however, a high level of practical training is needed to operate machines, devices and tools efficiently.

PMC Rail International Academy offers both. In addition, we use state-of-the-art simulation technology allowing training under realistic conditions but without track damage entailing costs in case of errors. 

  • Hydraulics Training Stand by BOSCH Rexroth
  • Turnout Tamping Simulator - UNIMAT 3D