Our team

Our Team

A competent and experienced team

As yearslong director of a renowned training academy for railway specific training courses for German-speaking countries, Antonio Intini was able to build one of the most important training facilities for the entire industry. This success story could be continued for some time now with the training academy PMC Rail International Academy. 

As managing director of the manufacturer Independent training academy, Antonio Intini can rely on yearslong experience in the industry as well as a team of specialists. The team consists of highly qualified trainers with practical experience as well as highly qualified administrative staff in different areas of the Company.

  • Mr. Antonio Intini
  • Mr. Sascha Walter
  • Mr. Adriano T. Salinaro
  • Mr. Peter Schulte
  • Mr. Wolfgang Nemetz
  • Mr. Rahul Kanuparthi
  • Mrs. Simone Anders
  • Mr. Bernd Hoffmann
  • Mr. Jan Lukat
  • Mr. John Schaefer
  • Mr. Olaf Niewohner
  • Mrs. Sylvia Langenbach
  • Mr. Andreas Neumann
  • Mr. Juergen Poscher
  • Mr. Manuel Pichelbauer
  • Mr. Matthias Nesseler
  • Ms. Lara Becker
  • Mr. Gerhard Krenz

Our Board of Advisors

Strategic support from international industry experts on the Board of Advisors

In addition to the competent team, PMC Rail International Academy GmbH can rely on the strategic support of an advisory board.
The advisory board of PMC Rail International Academy includes renowned and international experts from industry, universities and the marketing industry.
As an independent entity, the Advisory Board supports the management in internal and external decision-making processes.
The Board of Advisors meets at least twice a year and is chaired by Mr. Johann Dumser.
Quotation from Mr. Dumser:
"In times of a lack of skilled workers in the railway industry, we see the transfer of know-how and independent knowledge as well as the training and further education of skilled workers as one of the greatest challenges for securing the future of the entire railway industry. For this reason, we are pleased to assist PMC Rail International Academy GmbH in overcoming those challenges."