About us

Since April 2017, PMC Rail International Academy offers training courses as well as Project Management and Consulting for the entire railway system. Since April 2019, the new headquarters of the training academy in Leverkusen-Opladen have been opened and as well as the new US-branch it offers various training opportunities with state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art facilities and methods.

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New online course selection!

Here you can find our current online course selection. We offer a variety of online courses for industry related topics. Feel free to test our first online course for free. These courses can help you to climb the next step in you career. For more info, please contact a.trovato@pmcrail.com or j.schaefer@pmcrail.com 

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Your career with us

PMC Rail International Academy is an institution for instruction and further training in the railway industry. We will implement our ambitious objectives step by step. The time to think about a career with PMC Rail International Academy is now. Please send your application to a.neumann@pmcrail.com

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Career changer for new direction

New management takes over operational business of the training academy.
Since August 17, 2020, Silvia Goronzy, a career changer, has taken over the position from Antonio Intini, who has been the driving force behind the company for many years.