News release May 2018

Additional Training Branch – First-Aid

Constant additions to the course offer lead to the long-term goal of providing a holistic course offer that covers every field in the railway Industry.

Training: Focus on First-Aid

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to analysing work sites. That is one of the reasons why German trade organizations obligate companies with more than 20 employees to have at least one first-aid certified employee. 

This makes the new addition to the training programme of PMC Rail International Academy even more important. These courses are conform with the regulations of trade organisations by the German Red Cross. 

More than just a First-Aid Course
The wide-ranging experience of the PMC Rail training centre as well as the cooperation with the German Red Cross enables the creation of a course consisting of knowledge about the railway industry and a first-aid course. This makes the course particularly relevant for the railway industry.

The combination of railway knowledge and safety and health knowledge is perfect for creating scenarios for training purposes relevant to the industry. The one-day course that is conducted in cooperation with the DRK (German Red Cross) is hands-on, targets issues that regard the railway industry and certifies participants as company first-aiders. The mandatory refresher course that participants have to take every two years can also be done by PMC Rail International Academy from now on.