News release January 2018

Another international trade show appearance – PMC Rail at the NRC Trade Show / REMSA Conference 2018

After PMC Rail International Academy was able to establish itself as educational institution for the railway industry on the European market, the company could raise awareness for its educational services in an international context this January. The NRC Trade Show and REMSA Conference in Los Angeles, USA offered the perfect opportunity for the company to present the services to very interested North American industry professionals.


Starting from 9th until the 14th January 2018 PMC Rail International Academy was able to use the opportunity to further network and present new international training courses. Just like the first appearance on the North American market at the Railway Interchange in Indianapolis, USA in September 2017, PMC Rail International Academy was able to recognize the rising potential for training for the railway industry in the North American market at the Trade Show in Los Angeles.

The positive response to the international courses lead to first cooperations with leading companies in the North American railway industry. Once more PMC Rail International Academy laid the foundation for conducting international training courses for the North American market. The future development of the company can be eagerly awaited.

  • Messestand von PMC Rail bei der NRC Trade Show