News release May 2019

Modern training academy opens its doors to the U.S.-market

Foundation of the new academy

The US subsidiary of PMC Rail International Academy Corporation has successfully been established under best conditions.

PMC Rail is making big steps forward, not only with the construction of the new training academy and headquarter of the company in Germany, but also with the expansion on US market. On February 25, the US branch of the academy was founded for the North American market. The academy will provide educational services for the entire railroad industry.

With market-specific seminars and services, PMC Rail offers a wide range of services in close cooperation with local partner companies. After extensive planning and many consideration of possibilities, PMC Rail has opened the central office of the US-branch on the east coast of Virginia and from there it serves the entire North American market.

"For PMC Rail, that was another step in the right direction. The founding of the US office will help spread the high quality of PMC Rail's training and drive the development of the entire industry in an international context", said the Managing Director of the German headquarter and now also President of the US-Corporation, Antonio Intini. 

Market-specific offer with state-of-the-art methods and tools

The new US subsidiary will be established on the market with market-specific services and American trainers. Thanks to the extensive range of training courses and the numerous tools already available in the academy, transferring the best possible training quality is possible. Nevertheless, it is now necessary to tailor the seminars for the new market to meet the customers’ needs. The PMC Rail team is fully committed to the new challenge.