News release September 2018

Roofing Ceremony in the Werkstaettenstrasse

PMC Rail International Academy and PMC Media House can celebrate the roofing ceremony of the new location of the two companies in Leverkusen Opladen

Around six months after the first ground-breaking ceremony, the roofing ceremony of the new academy for the railway industry took place on 7th September 2018 in the “Neue Bahnstadt Opladen” in the city of Leverkusen Opladen. One of the leading publishing houses for the railway industry and technical knowledge, PMC Media House, and the successful training academy for the entire railway industry, PMC Rail International Academy, can continue with more detailed planning for the official opening that is scheduled for spring of 2019.

New building – new possibilities      

The new location does not only come with a new company building, but also brings many modernizations for the already very modern company structure. New training simulators as well as learning tools will be put into operation. The transfer to the new building in Leverkusen allows the company to use new spatial and personnel capacity to develop a company-owned research. Also, larger training facilities allow for the implementation of new training fields.

„Seeing a building progressing after months of detailed planning not only brings joy, but also further motivation for action. Not only myself, but also the employees of PMC are looking forward to the completion of the new academy. They understand the potential and the possibilities that come with the new facilities and the new location. We look forward to challenges that come hand in hand with our new situation”, says Managing Director of PMC Rail, Antonio Intini.

The first seminars in the Werkstaettenstrasse in Opladen will be conducted at the beginning of 2019. Around 1000 course participants per year from every area of the railway infrastructure and every hierarchy level are expected to attend the seminars. The academy will meet the growing demands for training and further education in the railway industry on a national as well as international Level.