News release April 2017

Thinking big: PMC Rail International Academy enters the market

In April 2017, Deutsche Plasser's Training Centre in Bingen became PMC Rail International Academy - instruction and further training programmes for the operation and maintenance of railway infrastructure independent of manufacturers - planning for the new location in "Neue Bahnstadt Opladen" in Leverkusen has already begun

Bingen, April 2017. After seven successful years, Deutsche Plasser's Training Centre in Bingen has changed its focus. Established as a training institution for members of staff, Bingen Training Centre soon became a centre for instruction and further training of customers from the railway industry. The number of participants grew steadily and the training offer was continuously expanded.

New training offer for the railway

The positive development of Bingen Training Centre confirms the rising demand for instruction and further training in the railway industry throughout the world. Therefore, the repositioning from an integrated training centre to an independent, international academy was necessary to meet future needs.

In April 2017, PMC Rail International Academy opened its doors. Located in the building of former Bingen Training Centre, PMC Rail will move to a new location in the district "Neue Bahnstadt Opladen" in Leverkusen in 2018. The planning for this new building has already begun.

Instruction and further training - independent of manufacturers

From the very first day, PMC Rail International Academy has been independent of manufacturers. This makes it stand out from many training providers offering curricula specific to certain manufacturers. Managing Director Antonio Intini explains: "Our focus is on the railway system. Our instruction and further training offer is the contribution we make to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the most environmentally friendly traffic system."

First choice for further education and professions in the railway industry

In the first year, the curriculum of PMC Rail will be very similar to the training offered by Bingen Training Centre. In addition, it will comprise courses that go beyond the exclusive focus on track construction. Within a few years, the curriculum will be expanded to include all activities required for the operation and maintenance of rail infrastructure to appeal to members of staff on all levels of the company hierarchy - form track workers to managers. It will also cover law, economics and languages. Moreover, independent and practical research will be carried out.

In the mid-term, this offer will make PMC Rail International Academy the institution of choice for instruction and further training, meeting the new demand for training in the international railway industry.