News release November 2017

TRAKO 2017: Another successful trade show appearance for PMC Rail in Gdansk

Following the iaf in Münster and the Railway Interchange in Indianapolis, PMC Rail International Academy participated in a third international trade show at the TRAKO 2017 in Gdansk, Poland.

At the end of September, the international railway trade show TRAKO was held in Gdansk. PMC Rail took part and presented itself to the Eastern European market as a training academy independent of the manufacturer. The centre piece of the company’s presentation was the turnout tamping simulator Unimat 09-3D, which was very popular with the trade show visitors. The high interest of the industry professionals proved once again that training on the realistic simulator is very well accepted and has high potential for further development. Compared to training on the machine, it is significantly more cost- and time-effective. Thus, PMC Rail offers an attractive alternative to conventional training methods.