Operating tutorials Unimat 09-4x4/4S

1.1 Releasing of the transport safety chains 09-4x4/4S

2 Activate the measuring and tamping systems 09-4x4/4S

4 Preparation for tamping work 09 mode 09-4x4/4S

6 Method of operation 09-4x4/4S

8 Preparations for a transfer journey 09-4x4/4S

10 Working with the automatic guiding computer 09-4x4/4S

12 Preparing to work with the curve laser 09-4x4/4S

14 Working with the curve laser 09-4x4/4S

1.2 Setting up the working mode 09-4x4/4S

3 Preparing the machine for tamping work in 09 mode 09-4x4/4S

5 Sleeper end consolidators and start of tamping 09-4x4/4S

7 Engine start 09-4x4/4S

9 Bring supplementary lift into working position complete 09-4x4/4S

11 Working with the DRP 09-4x4/4S

13 Preparation for switch processing with laser controlled supplementary lifting 09-4x4/4S

15 Commissioning the machine 09-4x4/4S