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MKS/DAS Initial Certificate

The requirements as per Ril 046.2552V02 must be met in order to be able to participate in this course. You will receive training in line alignment, marking out track, route plan, measuring system of tamping machines and the assessment and evaluation of MKS measuring graphs. After passing the exam you will receive the certificate “Assessing MKS/DAS measuring graphs”.


This course is intended for track engineers and foremen as well as operators of track construction and maintenance machines who have to evaluate the geometry of turnouts and tracks. The requirements for the training in assessing MKS/DAS measuring graphs according to Ril. 046.2552 erfüllt sein:

  • proof of a minimum of one year’s relevant work on tamping machines including the use of the measuring and backup recording systems or
  • successful completion of a track engineer qualification as per qualification guideline 046.2703 or
  • successful completion of training as approved foreman in track construction (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) or
  • successful completion of training as foreman in structural engineering of Deutsche Bahn AG or
  • successful completion of training as head workman in construction of Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railway) or
  • successful completion of training as foreman in railway construction engineering of the former GDR or
  • successful completion of training as construction supervisor (railway construction supervisor / expert construction supervisor) or
  • qualification as track district manager


The objective of this seminar is to obtain the certificate “Assessing MKS/DAS measuring graphs”.


Line alignment

  • Basic principles of line alignment
  • Route elements and route main points
  • Route plan
  • Track geometry calculations
  • SR procedure

Function and mode of operation of measuring systems

  • Tamping-lining machines
  • Multi-channel measuring and recording system

Evaluation and assessment of measuring graphs

  • Types of recording systems/ responsibilities
  • Structure of measuring graphs
  • Display of recording parameters
  • Display of track geometry errors

Evaluation and assessment of DAS recording documentation

  • Digital recording system
  • DAS recording documentation
  • Designation
  • Description
  • Assessment

Manual backup measurements as per 824.0530

  • Describing manual backup measurements
  • Assessing manual backup measurements (as per 824.0530)

Fee (per participant)

€ 780,00 (excl. 165€ examination fee + 25€ license fee)

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