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Front cabin operator

For employees that are to be trained as front tower operators this course will provide training in the areas of the permanent way, line alignment, reading routing and turnout level plans, machine technology, guiding and control computers, e.g. ALC, measuring system of tamping machines and permanent way rules and regulations.

Various exercises on our guiding and control computer simulators will help to consolidate the acquired knowledge and to provide training in working with the guiding and control computer.

At the end of the course there will be a written and practical certification exam provided by the personnel certifying body of the Union of European Railway Engineering Associations (UEEIV).


Participation in this course is possible for any member of staff that the company considers suitable for it. It is an advantage if the member of staff has previous knowledge in track construction and measuring and/or experience of using Plasser & Theurer tamping machines. 


The objective of this course is to obtain the certificate of “Certified front cabin operator”. Certified front cabin operators can operate tamping machines efficiently and with a lasting result.


Machine engineering

  • Introduction to history
  • Introduction to machine groups
  • Introduction to measuring devices
  • Introduction to control technology
  • Introduction to drawings
  • Introduction to ALC software

Track geometry

  • Elements of line alignment
  • Designations for different types of curves
  • Presentation of curvature and superelevation
  • Introduction of different types of ramps
  • Gradient
  • Track marking drawing

Track (track characteristics)

  • Structure of the permanent way
  • Forces on and in the track
  • Rails, sleepers, rail fastenings
  • Twisting, continuous welded track or jointed track
  • Ballasted track
  • Turnouts, crossings, rail expansion joints
  • Fixed points, transitions old/new
  • Railway crossings, bridges, ramps, platforms
  • Tamping and lining work
  • Recognising obstacles and messaging in time or marking them
  • Exercises with ALC software

Measuring methods

  • Handling the measuring instruments
  • Correction of track geometry error in level and alignment
  • Tamping procedure
  • Levelling and pendulum systems:
  • Geometrical principle
  • Measuring arrangement
  • Control system (measurement and input signal)

Lining system of machines:

  • Geometrical principle
  • Measuring arrangement
  • Control system (measurement and input signal)

Track geometry error

  • Measuring track geometry error following track marking
  • Straight
  • Curve
  • Superelevation / no superelevation
  • Recording runs / error correction

Automatic Guiding Computer (ALC)

  • Introduction to the ALC
  • Handling/application of the software
  • True to reality input of track geometry data

Exercises on ALC simulators and tamping simulators to consolidate the theory learnt

Fee (per participant)

€ 7.765,00

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