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Training as brake mechanic

This training is intended for employees who need to perform the brake inspections Br 0 - Br 3. Your employees will receive training in the principles of brake technology, brake components, control valve, additional braking equipment in vehicles, brake maintenance and in carrying out brake revisions. The knowledge acquired will be consolidated by practical exercises on vehicles. There is an exam at the end of the training. After passing the exam you will receive a certificate as “Qualified Brake Mechanic” as per Ril 046.9620.


The training complies with Ril 046.9620. The participant must meet the following requirements:

  • qualification in a vocational profession as per Art. 25 of the Vocational Training Act or in an equivalent profession as per Art. 37 of the Unification Treaty of 31.08.1990
  • 6 months practical work in the maintenance of rail vehicles and primarily on brake systems
  • Knowledge of spoken and written German as required

The employee’s company is responsible for complying with the entry requirements.


The objective of this special course is to provide training for employees to become approved to perform brake revisions Br 0, Br 1, Br 2 and Br 3 as per Ril 046.9620.


Braking equipment

  • Introduction to braking equipment
  • Basic requirements
  • Historical overview

Basic principles of brake technology

  • Brake types
  • Physical processes during braking
  • Pneumatic brake mode of action
  • Types of brake application

General brake components

  • Arrangement of components on vehicle
  • Brake stop cock
  • Brake position changeover
  • Load change
  • Mechanical components of brake system
  • Hand brake
  • Brake cylinder
  • Brake indicator equipment
  • Compressed air pipe and brake couplings
  • Air stop cock

The control valve

  • Basic tasks
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Release valve

Additional braking equipment on vehicles

  • Emergency brake equipment
  • Emergency brake bypass
  • Wheel slip protection

Brake maintenance

  • Basic principles of brake maintenance
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Brake revisions
  • Compressed air reservoir
  • Measuring and testing devices in brake maintenance

Performing Br 0 brake revision

  • Due date
  • Br 0 for faulty brake
  • Br 0 following replacement of friction components
  • Br0 following replacement of wheelset change (general)
  • Br 0 following machining of wheel profile or brake discs in fitted state
  • Br 0 following replacement of bogie or detachment of vehicle superstructure
  • Adjustment work and testing

Performing Br 1 brake revision

  • Performing Br 1 brake revision for secondary vehicles
  • Special provisions
  • Work and testing stages

Br 2 and Br 3 brake revisions on secondary vehicles

  • Regulatory foundation EBO Art. 32 and Art. 33
  • Arrangement of brake revision
  • Work and testing stages
  • Air controlled brake components
  • Testing leak tightness of brake equipment
  • Testing action of brake equipment
  • Testing KE control valve
  • Brake cylinder maintenance

Practical exercises on vehicles

Fee (per participant)

€ 2.200,00 (zzgl. MwSt.)

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