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Training module Tamping Simulator Unimat-3D

The Unimat 3D tamping simulator training is intended for employees who are or will be deployed as tampers/machine operators or assistant tampers on a turnout tamping machine.

The tamping simulator can use standardised programs as well as programs customised to the participants’ individual requirements.

Possible topics range from general working guidelines and tamping theory to obstacles and fault areas as well as levelling, lining and pendulum systems.

In addition to the individual work tasks the training also offers the opportunity to train the teamwork of a whole crew.


The tamping simulator training is intended for prospective and existing machine operators. For employees who will be deployed as future machine operators it is an advantage if they have some experience/previous knowledge in track measuring and/or machine technology. The Unimat 3D tamping simulator training also offers the opportunity to train the teamwork of a whole crew. 


The objective of this training is to obtain qualified and similarly competent machine operators within 2-6 weeks of training instead of 2 years of training. And all this without the risk of damaging the track or machine and with the actual machine remaining operational.


Tamping theory

  • Tamping frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Squeeze pressure
  • Tamping depth
  • Squeeze time
  • Lifting and run-out ramps
  • Run-in and run-out ramps
  • Bending line

Tamping units and tamping cycle

  • Tamping units (hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanics)
  • Tamping tools
  • Extra width flaps (design and function)
  • Squeezing
  • Tamping depth adjustment / checking tamping depth
  • Squeeze time
  • Function and design of lifting-lining unit
  • Shoulder compactor
  • Roller tongs and lifting hooks
  • Additional lift

Obstacles and fault areas

  • Contact switch devices (axle counter etc.)
  • Cable runs
  • Rail joint
  • Fish-plated joints
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bridges
  • Turnouts

Evaluation of indicator instruments of measuring system

  • Correct reading of indicator instruments (lining, levelling and pendulum indicators)
  • Function and effect of settlement value compensation.

Guidelines for working in plain line tracks

  • Guide values of lifting and displacement values (new construction and renewal procedures)
  • Run-in and run-out ramps depending on the permissible V max
  • Track twist limits
  • Basic lifting
  • Feeler rod guide values

Tamping simulator (Unimat-3D)

  • Commissioning the machine system
  • Machine setup and shutdown (measuring system and work units)
  • Turnout tamping in mechanised maintenance and renewal procedures (tamping scheme in turnouts and crossings)
  • Recognising obstacles and correct handling with machine
  • Working on different types of permanent way (steel, wood and concrete sleepers)
  • Working on long sleepers with additional lifting device

Fee (per participant)

€ 4.480,00 (In case of number of participants being less than 4, the price would be increased to 4.850,00€ per person. Minimum participant number is 3 Persons.)

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